Andreas Mougholias is a third-generation restauranteur. Andreas and his family have owned and operated restaurants in the Kamloops area going as far back as 1975.

Our Family History:
1975 – 1986 Hermes Pizza
1977 – 1989 Katina’s Restaurant
1987 – 1993 George’s Courtyard

2005 – 2016 Hermes Pizza

Bringing us to The Greek Kouzina today – The Greek Kouzina recipes have been influenced by its rich history, as well as cultural traditions. Bringing all the delicious flavours and years of experience from our kitchen to your home.


The Greek Kouzina prepares every dish to order. Andreas is passionate about sourcing out quality ingredients and products. We use nothing but the best and freshest ingredients. From our 100% real mozzarella, deli meats, Greek oregano and olive oil.


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